Many diseases and disorders are multifactorial and involve multiple biological pathways. Despite the “one drug-one target” strategy of pharmaceutical companies, combination of drugs are used to treat cancer, pain, depression or hypertension.

Our discovery platform is based on a) the design of small molecules which can increase the concentration of endogenous molecules modulating multiple biological pathways involved in unmet treatment needs diseases and disorders and b) the design of multi-target-directed ligand when no endogenous molecules modulating these biological pathways have been identified. We combined RNA sequencing and in house-designed biological models with medicinal chemistry to identify these pathways and then design small molecules with the desired pharmacology. Genetic keratinization disorders, peripheral painful neuropathy and pruritus are our first targeted diseases and disorders. Only a small subset of the patients suffering from these diseases and disorders receives adequate relief from drugs burdened by adverse side effects impacting their quality of life.

At DermaXon we are designing and developing efficient, safe and patient compliant prescription treatments for these patients.

Two examples of our therapeutic strategies:

The Brain

The Skin