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Biosynthesis and metabolism of RA in the skin: 1) Dietary carotene and retinol (vitamin A) are processed by different enzymes to provide RA; 2) RA is metabolized (transformed) to biologically inactive RA derivatives 3) RA derivatives are eliminated. When RA is metabolized and eliminated it cannot induce the desired biological effects necessary to treat skin disorders.

At DermaXon we are selectively increasing the concentration of endogenous retinoic acid (RA) in the skin by decreasing its clearance to:

  • Efficiently treat acne by reducing inflammation and by normalizing follicular keratinization (debride the plugged follicle), thus extruding existing comedones and preventing the formation of new comedones.
  • Efficiently treat ichthyosis by reducing inflammation and regulating abnormal keratinization.

Because of their high selectivity for their biological target, adverse effects related to the use of Dermaxon’s compounds are expected to be dramatically reduced or non-existent compared to those reported for approved topical acne treatments.

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